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A personalized approach

to mind and body wellness.

Cut the clutter throughout your home and office.

Professional assistance to reach your health and fitness goals.

"Change is inevitable. Change for the better is a full-time job" - Adlai Stevenson




Hello! My name is Jonya Kennedy. I am a mom to one awesome redheaded girl and an attention starved 100 pound chocolate lab, wife to my finally found one true love and amazing husband, daughter of John and Sonya (thus the name Jonya) and lucky to be a friend to many wonderful people that have crossed into my path of life over the years. I was born and raised in Bristol, VA and after a few stops in Knoxville, TN

and the triad area of NC, I made my way back home

and now call Bristol, TN my home.



My college degree is in Marketing, and my past experience includes working with my family dry cleaning business from second grade and then off and on throughout my life. I was introduced to a love of ladies fashion by one of my sweet grandmothers and worked by her side until I was lucky enough to have my own boutique for over 7 years. I found a love for health and fitness while attending college and that love grew during the time I owned my own business. After I began teaching group aerobics classes at the local YMCA, I realized people looked up to me as a fitness instructor, and I wanted to have the answers and fitness expertise for the questions they were asking of me, so I obtained my personal trainer certification and began personal training as well.

I moved from my hometown in order to pursue a career with my degree and worked in healthcare marketing until I moved back home.  My love for fitness and a healthy lifestyle continued to grow through the years (even though I wasn't teaching or training).  I found yoga on DVDs as I was a stay at home mom with my newborn daughter as a way to 'workout' and lose the weight that was gained during pregnancy.  Then, after a neck injury that was later diagnosed as degenerative disk disease, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, yoga became a way for me to 'workout' without the added stress of weights and machines in the gym.  Through the years, my knowledge of yoga deepened into a practice that is so much more than the 'physical' workout that originally brought me to yoga in the first place.

As I continued to practice yoga, I also nurtured my love for health and fitness and worked as a full time mom, wife, CEO of my household, caregiver to an aging grandmother and a volunteer for PTA, Crossroads Medical Mission and our local food pantry.  I also began organizing for friends after they saw projects that I had organized and transformed in my own home.  That grew into referrals for organization to strangers that soon became friends.  My organizing business was a great way to work around my busy schedule and I got to do all of the things I loved doing!

Then, 40 began to knock on my door and my grandmother passed, and I began to ask myself, 'Where am I going? Who am I now? What will life hold for me in the next 40 years?'  Yoga, personal training, organization and a life of wellness are all pieces of the puzzle of life that just fit for me and my life as a mom, wife, daughter, friend and volunteer.



My organization business continued to grow, and my practice of yoga continued to deepen as I explored new classes, new instructors and different styles of yoga.  Then, the yoga studio I frequent was offering a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification.  In October 2015, I began pursuing my 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher training and earned my re-certification as a personal trainer. After six months of diving deep into the study of yoga, growing, changing, learning and deepening my love and appreciation for yoga, I graduated in March 2016 and I am now a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.

As I strive to be the best me I can be, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, I want to help others do that as well.  As I continue to grow, learn, teach and be a better wife, mom, daughter, friend, yogi, etc., I want to share my gifts and do my part to help others experience their own personal growth.

My life is blessed, wonderful and crazy all at the same time, 

and I believe we're all here to help each other be the best person we can be.

Sorted Wellness is the combination of my gifts to give back to this world.

It is all about wellness for your body, mind and home. 

When you're living a healthy lifestyle and your home is in order,

you can function better throughout your days and nights! 


So whether you need your pantry or basement organized or you need to increase your flexibility

or you want to want personal training or private yoga instruction, I can help you do one or all of these things!

All for better function in the name of wellness, for you, a better you.

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